Simple DNS Plus v. 6.0 build 118 released

Friday, 30 December 2016

Simple DNS Plus v. 6.0 build 118 is now available at

This release includes the following bug fixes and updates:

  • Fixed: Installer issues on Windows Server 2016 / Windows 10.
  • Fixed: DNS Records / Export Wizard / IP addresses to "hosts" or ".csv" file - would crash program (record editor only) when using the ".csv" file format option and one or more AAAA-records were included.
  • Update: Added "autodiscover" to SRV-record service drop-down options.
  • Update: Installer simplified - no longer has "Custom" option. Everything is now always installed.

This is NOT a critical update, and you only need to update if you are affected by the issues described above.

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