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  • Simple DNS Plus

    DNS server software for Windows.
    Simplified DNS management through intuitive GUI. Many powerful features.
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  • Simple Failover

    Failover software for Windows.
    Continuously monitors your network servers, notifies you of any trouble, and redirects traffic to standby servers when needed.
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  • AWB Label Pro

    Windows software to print professional AWB labels with bar codes compliant with IATA resolution 606 (special shipping labels used when sending packages with general passenger and cargo air lines).
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On-line services

Consulting / development services

We offer both customization of our own products and services (custom plug-ins etc.) as well as general Windows software, website, and system integration development.
We have a lot of experience with Microsoft .Net (Visual Basic / C#), ASP.NET (website server technology), Microsoft Azure (Cloud platform), and web-site frontend development including HTML5, Javascript, jQuery and TypeScript.
Also have 10 years of experience working in the air freight forwarding industry, both in Denmark and in the USA.

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