About us

JH Software is a privately held software development corporation founded in 1999 in New Jersey, USA by Jesper Høy and now located in Denmark.

We started out developing Simple DNS Plus which remains one of our primary areas of focus. Building on accumulated expertise in the DNS field, we have since developed several other DNS related software titles, services, and customer specific solutions.

In recent years we have also been developing a set of training and testing web-sites for schools in Denmark, currently used by about 50% of all Danish schools with students in the target age group.

We have been completely self-financed since we started in 1999, and we continue investing our profits back into the future of our company and products.
We have a large and very loyal customer base, and we are here to continue serving them for the long-term.

JH Software ApS
Vesteråsene 34
9900 Frederikshavn
Phone: (+45) 71 78 53 34
VAT-ID (CVR-Nr.): DK 28867077

Products / services

Simple DNS Plus

DNS server software for Windows.
Simplified DNS management through intuitive GUI. Many powerful features.



On-line tests and exercises in science subjects for Danish elementary and middle schools (Danish language only).


Simple Failover

Failover software for Windows.
Continuously monitors your network servers, notifies you of any trouble, and redirects traffic to standby servers when needed.


AWB Label Pro

Windows software to print professional AWB labels with bar codes compliant with IATA resolution 606 (special shipping labels used when sending packages with general passenger and cargo air lines).